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Adulting 101 – Who Knew It Included Baking Cookies?

Published January 26, 2020 in Parenting - 3 Comments
Cooking baking is part of adulting 101

Cooking baking is part of adulting 101I’ve been baking Christmas cookies with my grandson since he was three years old. I never dreamed that I was teaching him adulting skills. Evidently, kids need essential life skills before they are ready to leave home. These include: doing laundry; balancing a checkbook; and mowing the yard. Yes, even baking cookies is important (or more accurately, preparing a meal).

When my sister and I started our annual baking ritual, my grandson’s contribution was limited. He stirred ingredients, pushed down the cookie cutters, and shook the sprinkles bottle. Over the years, he graduated to measuring ingredients and rolling out the dough. As he learned to read the recipe, he also helped in gathering the ingredients and setting the oven timer.

Four years ago my husband and I moved closer to my son’s family so I could babysit the next expected baby. By that time my older grandson was 11. Seeing him during the summer and after school since his baby brother arrived, gave us time to hone his cooking skills. Now at the age of 14, he can make his own ramen noodles (essential college prep), mix tuna salad, and make hamburger helper. Last night, he even made chocolate chip cookies from scratch for family dinner.

Recent magazine articles alerted me to the state of teenagers. Most of them do not know basic adulting skills, such as, how to clean a toilet, prepare a budget or buy groceries.

Beaming with success from teaching my grandson how to cook (at least a few basics), inspired me to help him master more tasks before he becomes a legal adult. This past week, he helped me trim all of the landscaping around my house. Judging by the uneven plants and leaning bushes, I think we are both still in training.

I’m not giving up, though. It will be summer in a few months and that gives me three months (well, once I subtract Chess Camp and VBS and Band Camp, maybe one month) to teach him how to change the sheets and balance a checkbook.

I’m not too worried. We have four years left.

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