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Arts and Crafts for Kids – Two Easy Paper Projects

Published August 31, 2020 in Kids Activities - 0 Comments
arts and crafts - paper snake

Arts and crafts for kids never dwindle in popularity because kids love creating with their own hands. In the same way, children enjoy paper projects because the supplies are always available and they are super easy. Today’s blog post is about two paper projects your kids will love: (1) paper snake and (2) emoji backpack tags.

Paper Snake

arts and crafts - paper snake

My granddaughter participated in the kids’ activity again this week. She and her cousin each crafted their own unique paper snake.

Each child worked at their own skill level. On the one hand, my granddaughter is seven and performed most of the tasks (cutting and assembling) on her own.

On the other hand, my grandson, at four, is good at squeezing glue out of a bottle (too good). But he needed help with the scissors and paper placements.

Both kids needed adult supervision to complete the following steps.

Gather supplies: (1) construction paper, (2) acrylic paint, (3) glue, (4) scissors, (5) wiggly eyes – two, (6) pipe cleaner – red.

Let your child choose the colors of construction paper and paint. Next, pour paint into a plate or bowl. Show child how to dip fingers in paint and make dots on the paper. Cover paper with dots. Then allow paint to dry.

After paint is dry, draw lines one inch apart on back of paper. If your child has good scissor skills, let her cut the paper into strips. Otherwise, have an adult cut the paper. At last, cut each strip in two. You should have 48 1″ x 6″ strips.

For the next step, bend a strip into a circle and glue ends. Then thread another strip through the first and glue ends. Thus, you form a chain. Continue until you’ve joined all 48 strips.

Now that you completed the chain, you can add the face. Cut out a U-shaped piece of matching construction paper. Next, glue on wiggly eyes. Cut a 2″ piece of red pipe cleaner. Fold it into a V-shape. Then glue onto face for the snake’s tongue.

Finally, your child has created a personalized, paper snake. Hold up the completed snake next to your child and see which one is taller.

Emoji Backpack Tags

School age kids will enjoy this next arts and crafts for kids project. Because kids see them all the time, they love emojis. So, creating their own emoji tags is a great way to show their mood to friends at school.

Start the project with a few simple supplies: (1) construction paper, (2) card stock, (3) glue, (4) scissors (5) hole punch, (6) yarn, and (7) pony beads.

First, trace circles on yellow construction paper using a cup or drinking glass. Trace same size circles on card stock. Then glue construction paper to card stock.

Second, draw facial expressions on other colors of construction paper. Hearts -red, Eyebrows – black, Mouth – white. Cut out facial features. Glue features to yellow circles.

Next, punch hole in top of tag. Thread 12″ piece of yarn through hole. Double over yarn and wrap with masking tape. Use tape as “needle.” Thread pony beads onto yarn. Tie off ends.

Lastly, tie emoji tags to backpack. Refer to the Michael’s craft link below for facial expressions template.

More Arts and Crafts for Kids

Both of these craft projects came from 100 Fun Projects from Michael’s.

For more craft projects to do with kids, see: Crafts for Kids: 5 Activities to Keep Them Busy.

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