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Brotherly Love Wins Out – QWK Week 5

Published April 19, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 1 Comment
brotherly love as boys sit in park together

How can brotherly love grow when two boys are on different schedules at different places? Big brother attends high school all day. Little brother spends his day at Grammy’s house, the park, and preschool.

Brothers Start Days Separated ~

But the quarantine changed all that. Closure of schools, parks, and restaurants forced them to converge at Grammy’s house during the day. Before “shelter at home,” big brother ate lunch in the school cafeteria and little brother ate at a restaurant with a playground.

Togetherness Brings Fighting

fighting brothers struggle with brotherly loveNow both boys sit at the kitchen table and eat whatever Grammy fixed that day. (Be brave, men. Be brave!) Their scattered experiences morphed into a common meal. And not only lunch, they also shared crafts, play time, and territory, not always happily.

“Get out, I’m doing homework!”

“But you took my dinosaur!”

“Only because you kept hitting me with it!”

Sharing Also Brings Brotherly Love

 brotherly love as boys sit in park togetherYet, there are days when the sounds are a little different. Little brother is in time out crying when big brother walks by and says “I love you!” Also, at lunch big brother fetches a drink for the little one when Grammy is too busy.

One day on a trail around a disc golf course, big brother wandered off to investigate a goal. Little brother looked at Grammy and pleaded, “I follow my brother.” Later, as we crossed the street to return to our car, Grammy said, “Be safe!” The little one looked up and said, “I hold my brother’s hand.”

For another example of big brotherly love, check out the pizza video in Homeschool Challenge – QWK Week 2.

Games Promote Brotherly Love

Both brothers participated as we learned a new indoor game this week. Grammy taught little brother how to play the Spider Game while big brother recorded the video. This is a great game to play if your kids are stuck inside for the day. The spider holds a small towel or blanket and tries to catch the “bug” as he runs by.

As you can see in the video, little brother burned off a lot of energy running around the spider. We learned about this game in The Best Indoor Games for Quarantined Kids and Families.

So, close quarters in the quarantine has produced a lot of fussing, but it’s also brought moments of brotherly love.

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