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Can a Quarantine With Kids Be Fun?

Published March 17, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 1 Comment
quarantine sign for COVID-19

quarantine sign for COVID-19Are you stuck at home in the Coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine with kids? No one needs to be notified of the corona virus. News outlets constantly display the world map with clumps (or blankets) of infected people. If that’s not enough, city and state press conferences proclaim the local “sick” statistics. Even social media, our source for funny cat videos, is overflowing with outbreak updates and new quarantine restrictions.


Quarantine with Kids Presents a Challenge

Staying at home all day challenges anyone, but what if you are locked at home with bored, hyperactive, complaining children?

I am new to the “quarantine with kids” game. I normally babysit my young grandson Monday-Friday, but my daughter-in-law has been on vacation for five days and it ends tomorrow. So, in the morning, I encounter a three-year-old who constantly wants to go to the park and then visit the playground at Chick-Fil-A. He will be accompanied by his 15-year-old brother who would rather stay home and play video games than be at Grammy’s house.

We Just Got Through Spring Break!

Kids jump together on trampolineEarly last week all three of us were together for Spring Break. We started Monday with a church get together of moms and kids. Tuesday saw us venture 30 minutes away to the new Dream Park in the big city of Fort Worth. Our adventures ramped up Wednesday when we met two cousins at the trampoline park and jumped the morning away. Thursday tapered down with a trip to Chick-Fil-A to meet Grandma who was taking the 15 year old for the weekend. We began to see signs of the isolation to come as CFA locked the play area preventing kids from mingling.


But This is Worse

Tomorrow we begin an extended Spring Break. Except now we have an unknown number of weeks together with no possibility of the outings we enjoyed during the real Spring Break.

So, with a feeling of dread, I ask myself, “What will we do?”

Just as the internet filled with news and projections about the virus, it also filled with suggestions of activities for kids. Educational companies are offering free materials. Cable companies are offering free internet access and everyone has suggestions of pastimes for the kids. See Indoor Games.

I Can Do This

Now, with a sense of optimism, I’m thinking, “There’s so many things we can do!” I picture mornings flying by as we giggle over crafts. Afternoons slip away as the boys frolic in the backyard, playing games of their own invention.

I’m ready for this challenge. I’ve created an hour-by-hour schedule for our day. My planner bursts with lists of future crafts, games, and lessons. All that’s missing is the boys and they will arrive tomorrow.

Look for My Videos of Our Fun Days on YouTube

My further plan is to document our fun-filled days with videos that I will post on YouTube. I’m not totally sure how to accomplish this but surely my 15-year-old grandson is as tech savvy as they come. I know that he will help me (if I can tear him away from his video games at home).

Stay tuned to see how my Quarantine with Kids works out.

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