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Independent Play – Is That a Thing?

Published March 7, 2020 in Parenting - 0 Comments
girl having independent play in her room

Parents dream of the day their child can accomplish independent play. Being constantly on call to “Watch this, Mom!” or “Help me build this, Dad!” can exhaust any parent. Encourage your child to entertain herself, because a child playing alone gives parents some down time, develops the child’s coping skills, and can be (relatively) easily […]

Five Tips to Help Your Child Learn to Read

Published February 21, 2020 in Parenting - 0 Comments
Five things that parents can do to help children learn to read

Of course you want your child to learn to read. Reading is essential to life.  Children read textbooks at school and adults read training material at work. Even when we are not in an educational environment, we need reading for basic things like traffic signs and restaurant menus. But reading isn’t just for navigating through […]

Good Playtime Equals Good Mental Health

Published February 13, 2020 in Parenting - 1 Comment
Free Playtime Is Linked to Greater Joy in Children

Kid’s Free Playtime Encourages Creativity ~ Playtime for kids used to mean playing in the mud and digging holes in the backyard with a spoon. Fortunate children lived near woods or an empty field. Either of these provided space and materials for building a fort or just playing with sticks. Bad weather just meant indoor […]

Adulting 101 – Who Knew It Included Baking Cookies?

Published January 26, 2020 in Parenting - 3 Comments
Cooking baking is part of adulting 101

I’ve been baking Christmas cookies with my grandson since he was three years old. I never dreamed that I was teaching him adulting skills. Evidently, kids need essential life skills before they are ready to leave home. These include: doing laundry; balancing a checkbook; and mowing the yard. Yes, even baking cookies is important (or […]