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Crafts for Kids – 5 Activities to Keep Them Busy

Published June 15, 2020 in Kids Activities - 1 Comment
crafts for kids - paper weaving cards

Crafts for kids capture their imagination, inspire their creativity, and best of all keep them occupied. Summer time demands engaging activities for the little ones. You can entertain them with playground and pool time for only so long, then you need some cool, indoor activities.

These five crafts for kids will distract them from summer boredom and maybe even give you a few minutes of free time.

1. Paper Weaving – Making Cards

crafts for kids - paper weaving cards

Kids love getting mail. They love sending it too. Show them how to create customized cards for friends and family and keep them busy for hours.

Paper weaving is an inexpensive hobby. Just spend a couple of bucks for construction paper and they have enough material to produce dozens of cards.  You can also purchase invitation style envelopes for a few more dollars to class them up a bit more.

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I got the information about paper weaving from 100 Things for Kids to Make & Do. The book contains detailed instructions along with illustrative photos for each craft. Subjects range from crafts, dress up, and nature projects to cooking and sewing.

My grandsons enjoy flipping through the pages and dreaming of future projects. If you take the link to purchase a book, look for the used options, they are very reasonably priced.

2. Clothespin Alligator

This green guy will not only entertain your child during construction. He also serves a useful purpose. Add an adhesive magnetic strip to the back of the alligator and he will hold your child’s artwork for display on the refrigerator.

3. Bead Bracelet

What a fun way for kids to share their handiwork. Your child chooses the bead colors to create a unique bracelet for himself and each of his friends. (If you have that much patience!) Slip the beads onto elastic and tie the ends together. You can add or take away beads to adjust the fit.

Your child can create multiple bracelets inexpensively with a package of 1000 Pony Beads for about $5. This craft idea can keep kids busy for awhile.

4. Springy Bunny

This little hopper is another inexpensive paper project that we did during quarantine with kids. (See How Does Reopening Affect Kids – QWK Week 9.) If you have a package of construction paper the only other materials you need are a marker. We used wiggly eyes for our Peter Rabbit, but if you are artistic, you can draw them on. The spring part consists of two pieces of paper folded back and forth on each other. You can use construction paper, but copy paper probably works better.

5. Moon Dough

Entertain your future space explorer with some squishy moon dough. Unlike homemade slime, this otherworldly substance will not stick to and stain all of your furniture. Made from cornstarch and creme rinse, this concoction has a strange, powdery feel. If your child drops it on the floor, it sweeps up easily.

Hopefully, these five projects have given you some ideas for summer activities. Let your child choose the crafts she’s most interested in and enjoy watching the creativity.

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