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DIY Kids – What Can We Make at Home?

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DIY kids enjoy creating their own crafts and games because they derive satisfaction from things they have made with their own hands. A child knows Grandma loves a card drawn just for her. And a game is even more fun when you made it yourself.

DIY kids can also customize a craft or game to suit their own personality. That card for Grandma can include her name and a picture of her cat. You can’t get that kind of personalization in a store bought card. Kids can also modify DIY games to make them easier or more challenging.


DIY Craft – Potato Printing

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Old school crafts rock! I remember doing this craft when my mom was the leader of my Camp Fire Girls group. We enjoyed stamping out designs with potatoes back in the 60’s. And my grandson loves creating art with vegetables now.

Since I was the one carving the potato, however,  I made sure the shapes were simple. I considered creating a star stamp, but decided to save that one for next time.

First, lop off one end of the potato and carve a design. Next, cut away the extra potato about 1/2″ down. This leaves the shape raised up. Carving involves a knife, so this step requires an adult.

Next, lay out several plates and pour a different color of paint or ink into each one. Now, your artist can take over. Let him stamp to his heart’s content until he is tired of creating. Let the paint dry. Then, send the end result to Grandma, if she has any room left on her refrigerator.

I rediscovered this DIY craft in 100 Things for Kids to Make and Do by Marion Elliot. I picked the book up second hand, but it has proved to be of great value. We have already done several crafts from the book. See the paper weaving cards my grandson created in Crafts for Kids – 5 Activities to Keep Them Busy.

DIY Game – The Fishing Game

This DIY project differs because it is a game. Unlike the potato stampers which land in the trash can afterward, the fishing game can be used over and over.

Kids love to fish! Even if they only catch paper fish, they still love it. This activity involved everyone. My teenage grandson demonstrated his skills by crafting the fish. He also showed ingenuity in fashioning fishing poles out of supplies on hand.

Next, the boys and I all competed in a fishing tournament. They competed fiercely. Grammy disapproved of some of their tactics. But you can judge the dark side of the fishing game for yourself by by watching to the end of the video.

Instructions for the fishing game also came from 100 Things for Kids to Make and Do by Marion Elliot.


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