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Exercise for Kids – Who’s Getting the Workout?

Published July 14, 2020 in Kids Activities - 0 Comments
exercise for kids - teach child to ride a bike

Exercise for kids strengthens their bodies, sharpens mental performance, and if done outside, increases their level of vitamin D. For more info about how exercise helps kids, see Training Doctors to Prescribe Exercise.

We know exercise for kids is good, but how do we get them unplugged from electronics and involved in physical activity? My grandsons much prefer video games or watching tv to any kind of exercise. What can I offer (or threaten) to get them up and moving?

Walk in the Neighborhood

My husband and I walk two laps in our neighborhood every morning. We start at 6:30 am before the Texas heat really kicks in. We include the dog too for his daily exercise.

The morning quiet gives us time to chat about our upcoming day. We relax as we stroll the streets and notice which houses are for sale and who forgot to turn off their sprinklers. The only thing that breaks our laid back mood is when the dog spots a critter and jerks my arm off trying to pursue it. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen every day.

So, I assumed my grandsons would enjoy walking too. Not so much. They do like to include the dog, but other than that, they oppose taking a stroll. Big Brother scowls and scuffs his feet as we head down the sidewalk. Little Brother insists I put his teddy bear leash on. The result is I have a dog pulling on one arm, a kid yanking on the other, and a teenager trying to slip away to walk by himself. Taking a walk failed to be a fun exercise choice for anyone.

Go to the Park

exercise for kids - going to the parkNext we tried going to the park. Thankfully, the local authorities reopened the public playgrounds a few weeks ago. Little Brother is always excited to go to the park. Big Brother is less enthused, but he will go along.

So, we visited a park with a small lake. We sweated as we walked the pathway around the lake at 10 am. The boys searched for shade as they climbed the equipment at the playground. By the time we returned to the car, the brothers were red-faced and begging for water.

We refreshed ourselves with hamburgers and shakes at a local restaurant. I sat recovering from the heat and pondering my sanity for taking two walks that morning.

Learn to Ride a Bike

exercise for kids - teach child to ride a bikeAfter suffering through that heat, Big Brother suggested we exercise at 8:30 am. If I was going to force him to exercise, at least it could be at the coolest time of day. I agreed.

I recently found a kid’s bike for $2 at a garage sale. Since Little Brother was still riding at home with training wheels, I thought I could teach him to ride unassisted.

So, now every morning at 8:30 am, Big Brother takes off on his own walk around the neighborhood. And Grammy runs up and down the sidewalk holding Little Brother upright as he peddles away.

Daily exercising may make my grandsons healthier, but I think it’s going to kill me.

For info about another outdoor activity, see Summer Activities for Kids.

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