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Games for Kids – QWK Week 8

Published May 10, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 0 Comments
Games for kids - the balloon game

Games for kids ranked high in importance as soon as quarantine with kids began. Parents locked at home with their children searched for ways to entertain and engage their kids without tearing up the house.

We have tried several new games for kids since lock down began. (See the Copycat Game video in Quarantine Activities – QWK Day 3 and the Spider Game in Brotherly Love Wins Out – QWK Week 5. ) But this week we fell back on some old standards.

Hide and Seek

My four year old grandson’s all time favorite game is Hide and Seek. I’m not sure why. He isn’t very good at it. Isn’t the object of the game to go as long as possible without being discovered?

When I’m “it” I count to ten slowly then I start looking for the boys. Big brother (my 15 year old grandson) is good at hiding, so I search for a while before I find him.

Little brother, however, takes no chances that Grammy will not find him. If he is hiding in the closet, he rattles the door. If he is hiding under the bed, he giggles. Even if I walk past the sofa, he calls out, “Here I am, Grammy!”

Nevertheless, he requests this game every day. He loves to hide with me which means that I am sure to be found quickly. Big brother excels at seeking, so he doesn’t miss the whispering when he walks by the closet.

Our family employs some unique “rules” when we play. First of all, we RUN to our hiding places. Little brother’s lack of counting skills necessitate quick hiding. All of this high speed cloaking means our game also doubles as exercise.

Our other modification adds drama to the sport. Whenever “it” discovers a position, the hider screams. This causes the seeker to approach cautiously. A really good hider startles the seeker and is rewarded with a scream in return.

The Balloon Game

Everyone plays this game. Anytime a small child possesses a balloon, he is sure to draft the adults into playing. The rules are simple. Hit a balloon into the air and try to keep it there.

It’s harder than it sounds. Unlike a tennis ball, a balloon is not well balanced. The heavier knot side causes the balloon to fly unpredictably. Fortunately, the light weight causes it to move slower, so you have more time to react.

The fun lies in running to where you think the balloon will go and stumbling when you’re inevitably wrong.

Look for Grammy’s reaction at the end of the video.

Science Experiments Fail

We tried two new science experiments this week and both of them failed. The first attempt was Cloud in a Bottle from 10 Science Experiments. Big brother and I both tried to squeeze a closed water bottle and form a cloud, but we couldn’t do it.

The second attempt was Imploding Cans which is also from 10 Science Experiments. We heated several aluminum soda cans and dunked them into an ice water bath. However, we failed to implode our cans.

We will try again later.

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