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Gardening for Kids – QWK Week 11

Published May 31, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 0 Comments
Gardening for kids - brothers plant seeds together in tray

Gardening for kids exposes young minds to the marvel of growing plants. In week 11 of quarantine with kids with we planted seeds with the aid of a seed starting tray. We also came to the end of an era

Both of my grandsons love working in the yard with me. Big Brother (15 years) demonstrates his competence by watering plants or hauling dirt without supervision. Little Brother (4 years) craves controlling the hose. (I finally issued an edict: NEVER spray Grammy!)

Despite their differences, they both enjoy running into the yard and checking on the growth of the plants and flowers. But this week, I decided to teach a different lesson.

Use What You Have

A seed starter kit languished on my garage shelves. I bought it three years ago when Big Brother requested a gardening for kids project. As Little Brother grew (and learned to demand, I mean talk) our home projects became less about what the teen wanted to do and more about what the toddler wanted to do.

If the quarantine has taught me anything, it’s that what I want (like a month’s supply of nice toilet paper) may not always be available. So, I better use what I have (like a week’s supply of cheap toilet paper).

Needing a kid project for the week, I chose the available, no-extra-cost seed starter tray. Three years ago, I also purchased herb seed packets to go with the kit. Not sure if aging seeds grow, I purchased flower seeds as an insurance policy.

A Lesson in Gardening for Kids

“The boys will love this!” I thought. Not exactly.

“I want to put the dirt in.”

“No, you can’t. You’re doing it wrong!”

“Keep your shovel off my side!”

We managed to get past the bickering and fill the tray with dirt. Then Big Brother began dropping one basil seed into each cell.

“Excuse me,” said my camera man. “You need to drop several seeds into each hole because they don’t all survive. After they start to grow, you weed out the weaker sprouts.”

“Ok, Pa Paw,” said Big Brother as he altered his technique. Grammy made a mental note.

After Big Brother finished, Little Brother and Grammy planted the Bachelor Button flower seeds. Not forgetting to put three or four seeds in each hole.

Watch the video to see our planting efforts. Note: I researched and found the same seed starting tray is still available. You might try herb seeds  or flower seeds for your next kid project.

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No More Quarantine with Kids

“May you live in interesting times.” This ancient Chinese blessing is a curse in disguise. Nevertheless, we do live in interesting times.

We’ve just spent almost three months locked at home with our families (a blessing inside of the curse). The virus that drove us here is still rampant and lacking a vaccine. But as the threat of nationwide illness subsides, many things are returning to normal.

My husband and I attended church this morning for the first time since the pandemic. Our local library has opened its doors (not just its books). See How Does Reopening Affect Kids – QWK Week 9 for the first stage of the library reopening. Also, our city is allowing kids to return to the playgrounds. (Little Brother will be so excited!)

So, we are still dealing with the virus threat with face masks and social distancing. But we are no longer in quarantine. We are free to venture out and explore our world again.

For this reason, I will not be writing any more articles about Quarantine With Kids. I will still be writing articles about parenting issues and kids activities. Because I am still with kids. But I won’t be writing about the quarantine.

Enjoy your freedom!


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