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Hamster Giveaway – 2021

Hi, I'm Nikki.

To get my Amazon Kindle Book "Mom, The Hamster’s Dead, Can We Get a Dog?" for FREE, just drop your best email address in the box. This offer is good only from April 1 - 5, 2021! If you are early or late you will see the normal price and the sale price of $0.00 will not be in effect.


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Here are the stories you will find inside this short book.

  • The Caterpillar
    Children have a natural fascination with nature. Observe as Carrie first experiences the cycle of life.
  • My Swimming Lessons
    I was a kid too, once upon a time. As moms,  try so hard to set our children on the right path. In this story, I recall my reaction to my own mom’s attempts to teach me to swim. I think she had an ulterior motive. What do you think?
  • Kids Swimming
    Parenting skills can be hereditary – or so it seems sometimes. It wasn’t till I had my own kids that I fully realized the challenges my mom had in raising me.
  • A Dog Story
    The hamster story. This one inspired the title of the book. I sometimes think that children have better negotiation skills than adults. See how I handled this process, and you decide who is more adept at the “Art Of The Deal.”
  • Radioactive Children
    It is not as bad as it sounds. Sometimes we find a cheap way to entertain our kids. However, if we don’t keep an eye on them, even the most child-safe toys can become the source of shock and awe!
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