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How Does Reopening Affect Kids? – QWK Week 9

Published May 17, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 2 Comments
Masked man greets patrons at the reopening of the library

Texas began reopening on April 27, 2020. The state allowed restaurants to begin serving inside diners at 25% capacity. The following week, the governor reopened malls, movie theaters, and dentist offices. Officials expect gyms and daycare centers to open soon.

How does this affect kids? Specifically, how does this affect me and my grand kids?

We observed changes at the library and the grocery store this week. Even though new businesses are reopening each week, one thing did not change. We still complete craft and science projects at home.

Reopening the Library

Masked man greets patrons at the reopening of the libraryI don’t know when this happened, but this week I discovered our local library open for business. You may recall that in Beginning Our Quarantine With Kids – Day 1, a shuttered library prohibited us from returning our borrowed books.

This week, a drive by revealed an open book drop and an unlocked front door. In the library parking lot, I exited my car and stepped toward the door. A masked man greeted me and asked what I needed.

I expressed surprise at the open library. He responded they only accepted returned books at the wall slot. He instructed me to request books on the library’s website and return for “take out” delivery to my car.

I went home and reserved six books for the four year old. The next day he exclaimed over his treasures in the back seat as we returned home from the library.

The Grocery Store Remains Open With Changes

reopening the toilet paper supplyThe next difference I saw was at the grocery store. Previously the empty shelves rattled  as shoppers searched for bathroom tissue.  Now the display teemed with toilet paper.

Some things remained the same. The meat counter contained more blank spaces than meat. I purchased hamburger meat, but noticed the chicken supply was short.

Also, many grocery workers and shoppers continued to sport masks for safety.

Craft and Science Projects Continue

Springy Bunny Craft

Little brother loves crafts. This week he constructed a three dimensional bunny out of white copy paper and pink construction paper.

Begin by folding together two strips of paper. This forms the base and gives the bunny its springy quality. After that, glue on the face, ears, and feet. This craft project idea comes from Kids Arts and Crafts.

Moon Dough Craft

At home, we’ve made bubbles, play dough, and slime. This week we mixed up a batch of Moon Dough. The extraterrestrial substance consists of cornstarch and hair conditioner. You may have to tweak the proportions a little. Our first attempt was too gooey, so we added more cornstarch. We got the recipe from Diane Jarrett.

Balloon Racer

This science experiment challenged our mechanical abilities. Repeated attempts on Wednesday failed miserably.

The project involves taping a straw to a balloon. Run a ribbon through the straw and tie one end to the door and one to the chair. Blow up the balloon and let it go. The balloon races down the ribbon to the other end.

Finally, on Friday I realized my mistake in trimming the straw. The short straw twisted on the ribbon and prevented the balloon from traveling. I replaced the mini straw with a full sized one. The balloon now sped down the string. This project comes from 10 Easy Science Experiments That Will Amaze Kids.

Be sure to watch the end of the video to see our hilarious failed attempts.



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