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How Far Will a Husband Go to Keep His Wife Happy?

Published January 9, 2020 in Books - 0 Comments
Husband styles hair for wife who had stroke

Husband styles hair for wife who had stroke
Marriage takes work. We make efforts every day to please our spouses. A wife makes roast beef and veggies for dinner every week because her husband is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. A husband does the laundry on Saturdays because his bride is worn out from two kids when the weekend comes.

But just how far out of his comfort zone is a guy expected to go?

Andrew went so far as to train with a hair stylist. He wanted to learn how to brush and style his wife’s hair. Theresa lost control of her hands after a stroke 18 years ago. No longer able to fix her own hair, she drooped every day when she looked in the mirror.

After hours of practice, Andrew was able to style Theresa’s hair every morning and bring the spring back into her step. Now that’s a man who’s willing to work at marriage.

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