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Is the Quarantine Over Yet? – QWK Week 3

Published April 5, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 0 Comments
boy with paint on hands

Is the quarantine over yet? We just completed week three of quarantine with kids. And I am ready to be done. The first days challenged my creativity and scheduling. ( See Having Trouble With The Schedule.) Then the weeks bogged me down in nostalgia for the old days. Finally, I slowed down and counted my blessings.

First Days: Excitement

First of all, I found social media teemed with ideas of how to entertain kids at home. As a result, I discovered numerous educational websites to investigate. How could I choose between all the creative options? This week the boys created posters by applying paint with Hot Wheels cars.

See the blog where I got this idea: Painting With Cars.

Next Weeks: Discouragement

Now after three weeks of rushing through breakfast, tooth brushing, and potty breaks just to get to our enrichment activities, I’m tired. I miss the public and preschool teachers who planned the lessons. When do we get to return to story time where the librarians planned the craft activities? I want to sip my coffee and let someone else organize the kids.

As a result, I spent more time this week sitting in my rocking chair. A cloud of negative thoughts intruded on my hopes of peace. “You aren’t doing enough to educate the boys. Young bodies need more outdoor activities. The 15 year old won’t do his homework unless you supervise.” Then my little grandson called from the hall.

Last Week: Hope

“Grammy! Come see what we did! We have bunk beds!”

Is the quarantine over yet?Little brother had seen bunk beds at his cousins house and had been asking for them ever since. How could he have gotten bunk beds into my house?

I turned the corner. The door to the linen closet gaped open. My two shelves of neatly folded towels were crammed into one shelf. On the floor, lay big brother, folded like a pretzel to fit into the space. On the shelf above lay little brother wearing a mile-wide grin.

“We made bunk beds!”

I had to smile myself.

Finally, even though I wasn’t spending every minute of every day enthralling my grandsons with activities, they were okay. They were more than okay, they were bonding as brothers. So, in the end, I counted my blessings. Right at the top were two boys who challenge, frustrate, and enrich me. It’s enough to get me through another week.

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