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Mom, the Dog Ate My Easter Candy! continues the adventure of the Bond kids: Alex and Carrie.

Oldest child, Alex, struggles through childhood trying to protect himself from the candy-stealing creatures at home and the arm-biting kids at daycare. Read to find out which ones he conquers and which get the best of him.

When little sister Carrie comes along, he becomes part tormentor and part co-conspirator with his sibling. Mom, Nikki tries to train and protect her kids while maintaining a sense of humor about all the surprises and challenges in store for a mother of two.

In Mom, the Dog Ate My Easter Candy!, Nikki Bond offers five more amusing stories as a follow-up to her previous book, Mom, the Hamster’s Dead, Can We Get a Dog?

Read Who Ate My Candy? and discover Alex’s frustration in trying to hold on to his candy. As a two-year old, he learns how to gather Halloween candy from the neighbors only to realize he has to protect it from the bandits at home.

In Cheerleader Son, Nikki learns that some people are born cheerleaders. Share her heartbreak and relief as her growing son loses his enthusiasm in the face of life, only to find it again.

Nikki takes on the monsters and the spiders in Warrior Mom. Follow her progression from a child who’s afraid of the dark to a mom who battles critters and caregivers for her children.

Will these kids ever learn? Nikki tries several techniques to impart wisdom to her children in Spiritual Training. Some lessons have better results than others. Discover Nikki’s breakthroughs and her failures.

It’s a shock to move your family half way across the country. Nikki wonders if she can make the cultural adjustment from plain-speaking Texas to refined South Carolina. Read her adventures in Southern Manners and find out who really speaks her mind.

Let Nikki entertain you with this humorous book of five short stories about life with kids.

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