Humorous Quick Reads About Families With Kids

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Mom, The Hamster’s Dead is a short collection of stories from my own experiences in child rearing.

I hope this offering helps you to see humor in life’s day to day parenting stresses.

Most of today’s “mini” tragedies become humorous in hind sight.

Parenting is perhaps the most important job on this earth. I challenge you to keep a record of your own stories. I’d love to hear about them. Just share in the comments below.

Here are the stories you will find inside this short book.

  • The Caterpillar
    Children have a natural fascination with nature. Observe as Carrie first experiences the cycle of life.
  • My Swimming Lessons
    I was a kid too, once upon a time. As moms,  try so hard set our children on the right path. In this story I recall my reaction to my own mom’s attempts to teach me to swim. I think she had an ulterior motive. What do you think?
  • Kids Swimming
    Parenting skills can be hereditary – or so it seems sometimes. It wasn’t till I had my own kids that I fully realized the challenges my mom had in raising me.
  • A Dog Story
    The hamster story. This one inspired the title of the book. I sometimes think that children have better negotiation skills than adults. See how I handled this process, and you decide who is more adept at the “Art Of The Deal.”
  • Radioactive Children
    It is not as bad as it sounds. Sometimes we find a cheap way to entertain our kids. However if we don’t keep an eye on them, even the most child-safe toys can become the source of shock and awe!

Looking back on a life event is always more humorous than experiencing it the first time.

What seems terrifying now is often tomorrows fond (and sometimes humorous) memory.

As we move through life we collect more and more of these memories. Memories are the paintbrush of the art of your life. Cherish them!

Nikki Bond

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For me, this short book of 5 chapters was fun, humorous, and filled with stories of real life events that took me back to my childhood and babysitting years! It had me in stitches in several places and it felt so good to laugh! It’s a wholesome book and very well written. My favorite part of each chapter was the punchline at the end. Nikki Bond has a real talent for putting short real life events in to the written word, and I can’t wait for her next book!


This book was delightful, funny & enlightening. The creativity of children when they want something is amazing. This author is a very creative, amusing, and entertaining writer. Loved the book and the stories!!! Ready for more! Bring it on!!!



This book reminds me of my own life as a parent, going through very similar circumstances. A collection of five short stories that I found funny and nicely written. I wish I would have read something like this, then, when I took life little too seriously. Recommended!



I enjoyed this very easy to read little book about real life experiences. It’s funny, entertaining, and very enjoyable! You’ll be glad you bought it!

Laura B.


The storie’s are entertaining , funny and clean. I enjoyed the read from the first to last page. This book gets a thumbs up!!!!

Sabrina R.


Such a cute book with great twists! Something that reminds me of my own life.

Carmen S.


I really enjoyed this book and hope to read more from this author!



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