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Quarantine Activities – QWK Day 3

Published March 23, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 2 Comments
Quarantine Activities - Day 3

What are some quarantine activities we can do during Quarantine With Kids Day 3? We hopped from one learning opportunity to another as the day flew by.

Quarantine Activities - Day 3Yesterday I had trouble with the schedule and didn’t get everything done. Today I was determined that we would start early, rush around, and complete all of the activities on my list.


Gumdrop Engineering

The first of our quarantine activities was a craft that doubled as a math exercise. The boys (my grandsons, 15 years old and 3 years old) built various structures using toothpicks, gumdrops, and mini marshmallows. Building challenged their hands in dexterity and their brains in spatial relations. Plus they got to eat the results! Minus the toothpicks, of course

The article Rainy Day Play: Gum Drop Engineers inspired this exercise.

 Copycat Game

On this cold day, our second quarantine activity was a substitute for our daily walk. The copycat game requires a clear area on the floor, preferably carpet in case of falls. Grammy started the game by jumping up and down and asking the boys to copy what I did. After rolling on the floor (and getting piled on), I passed the leadership to the 15 yo. He was less energetic and just sat on the floor. Finally, the 3 yo got to be in charge. He had us jumping and running. Grammy was done after that.

This activity comes from the article The Best Indoor Games for Quarantined Kids and Families 

Dancing Raisins

The third of our quarantine activities was a science experiment. We obtained the materials from the grocery store: raisins and ginger ale.

Take two glasses and fill the first one 3/4 full of water. Fill the second glass 3/4 full of ginger ale. Drop a few raisins into the water glass and notice how they rest on the bottom of the glass. Next drop a few raisins into the ginger ale glass. Notice that the raisins initially go to the bottom, but quickly rise to the top.

Bubbles from the carbonation attach to the raisins and cause them to float for a minute. Once the bubbles pop, the raisins sink again. Keep watching and you will notice that more bubbles attach to the raisins at the bottom and they rise again.

The boys enjoyed watching the raisins rise and fall. They discovered they could reinvigorate the floating by adding more ginger ale. This activity was good for about 20-30 minutes of learning and entertainment. The 3 yo even asked if he could have the glass of ginger ale with raisins for his lunchtime drink. (Yes, after you eat your hot dog.)

So, day three was a success. All our activities kept the boys engaged and entertained. Grammy, however felt a little rushed as we crammed so many exercises into our day. Maybe will will spread out the fun a little more next time.

I discovered this learning activity in Two weeks worth of fun and easy science experiments.

Check out my earlier attempts to plan our day in Trouble With The Schedule – QWK Day 2.

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