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Science Experiments for Kids – QWK Week 7

Published May 4, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 3 Comments
science experiments for kids - exploding bag

Science experiments for kids dominated our time in week 7 of quarantine with kids. My four year old grandson entered my house Monday morning and declared, “I want to do a science speriment!” He learned to like experiments when we did the Dancing Raisins in Quarantine Activities – QWK Day 3. So to satisfy his scientific urges, I quickly googled “science experiments for kids” and found 10 Easy Science Experiments – That Will Amaze Kids.

My grandson watched the video and wanted to do all ten experiments right now! We ended up doing three of them: Exploding Bag, Balloon Inflator, and Bouncy Egg. We also added a fourth science experiment for kids: Exploring Colors from 14 Science Experiments for Kids.

Read further to discover the projects and see the videos of our attempts.

Exploding Bag

This experiment moves quickly, so you better too! Fill a resealable sandwich bag about 1/4 full with vinegar. Do this over the sink. Pour baking soda in the bag and seal it fast! Set bag in the sink. Gas forms when the vinegar and baking soda combine, filling the bag. Once the gas exceeds the bag volume – POP!

Balloon Inflator

Use the same ingredients as the exploding bag: vinegar and baking soda. Except this time you get to see the effects as the gas expands.

Pour vinegar into a clear bottle. Use a recycled water bottle or salad dressing bottle. Scoop baking soda into a balloon. Once the baking soda is in, stretch the balloon opening over the neck of the bottle. Lift up the balloon and dump the baking soda into the bottle. The baking soda reacts with the vinegar and forms a gas that inflates the balloon.

Exploring Colors

This experiment doesn’t pop or explode, but it provides a more hands-on experience for the child.

Pour an entire box of baking soda into a baking dish. This becomes the palette. Pour vinegar into several small containers. Use bowls, a muffin tin, or an ice cube tray. I tried a foam egg carton, but each egg cubby had holes, so it leaked. Add a different food color to each container.

Provide child with a transfer tool. The reference video 14 Science Experiments for Kids recommended pipettes. I didn’t have any so I used soda straws cut in half.

Show child how to insert straw in vinegar, put his finger on top, move to baking soda pan and remove finger to release colored vinegar. My 4 yo grandson struggled with the straw, but after about five minutes, could transfer successfully.

Once the child is trained, leave them to it. They can create a multi-colored work of art in the baking pan. This activity occupied my grandson for an hour. Be sure to admire the results when they’re done.

Bouncy Egg

The 4 yo anticipate the bouncy egg experiment the most and it also had the longest lead time.

Step one: Prep is simple, but long. Place an egg in a cup and cover it with vinegar. Let it sit for 24 hours.

Step two: Drain the vinegar and lightly rinse the egg. Be careful! I ruined our first bouncy egg by accidentally pouring it in the sink when I drained the vinegar. The egg broke and little brother burst into tears. Fortunately, we had big brother’s egg for a backup. The 15 yo was at his house that day, so we used his “pickled” egg. We started another one for him to use the next day.

Step three: Bounce your egg. After Grammy broke the first egg, little brother was cautious. Nevertheless, he dropped his egg on the table and exclaimed when it bounced.

Step four: The egg breaks eventually. Warn your young scientist ahead of time and prepare to clean up the mess.

Experiment prep, execution, and clean up kept me busy in week 7, but it was worth it to encourage a budding scientist.


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Dee Reply

Wow – what great experiments! I want to do them, too. Who knew vinegar and baking soda had so many scientific abilities?
Glad you and your grandsons had fun with these! Thanks for sharing with all of us!!! Have a blessed Week #8!

    Nikki Reply

    Thanks, Dee! We had fun doing them.

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