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Summer Activities for Kids – QWK Week 10

Published May 26, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 1 Comment
summer activities for kids - backyard kiddie pool

Our thoughts of summer activities for kids overshadowed interest in school assignments or home studies. In week 10 of quarantine with kids, we wanted to skip past school issues and jump right into summer fun.

Two weeks left of school and Big Brother is ahead in his homework assignments. Let’s get an early start on vacation plans, even if we have to do them at home.

Time for Water Fun, But How?

Swimming ranks high with the grand kids. But how can we swim if the public pools are closed this year? We don’t have an in-ground pool at our house and our home owner’s association doesn’t allow above ground pools.

The only choice that remains is a kiddie pool. Great! Those portable, plastic pools hold just enough water to get our feet wet. Even though I did not expect much, I was desperate enough to search online to discover my bathing options.

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Good news! Since the last time I searched for kiddie pools about 25 years ago, the options have increased. I discovered an inflatable pool that measures 10 ft by 3 ft by 22 in deep. If I purchased that pool, we wouldn’t be swimming laps, but we could get really wet.

I got my pool from Walmart and they had the best price, but if you find them out of stock, Amazon sells the same 10 ft by 3 ft by 22 in deep pool. Prices vary, so shop carefully.

Remember the old days when you had to blow up your floaties by mouth? I used to huff and puff until I was dizzy and it took forever! So, along with the pool, I purchased a rechargeable air pump.

Now an inflater airs the pool up in minutes. And I don’t start my pool adventure out of breath.

Watch the video to see what we added to make it extra fun.

Summer Means Chores Too

The next of our summer activities for kids wasn’t as much fun as a swimming pool, but we needed it even more. During the quarantine, our housekeeper hasn’t been able to make her regular visits. So, after ten weeks of constant use, the house overflowed with dust and grime.

Not one to miss a learning activity, I seized upon house cleaning as an opportunity to teach the boys. We could whip the house into a more livable condition and train the boys to vacuum and dust at the same time. Check out The Homeschool Challenge – QWK Week 2 to read about another home learning activity.

Pa Paw and I lead by example, so we pitched in too. Watch the video to see how everyone contributed to the cleaning effort. Stay till the end to hear Little Brother’s unexpected request.

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