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The Travails of Cloth Training Pants

Published January 28, 2019 in Potty Training - 0 Comments

potty training

We’re into the fourth month of potty training my two-year-old grandson. When we started, I fantasized that he would be completely trained in a few weeks.

I pictured myself lounging in my chair while he excused himself to go potty. If called upon, I could stroll to the bathroom and help with a wipe or a snap.

I felt he needed to be in cloth training pants. That way he would experience the wet and squishy effects of his accidents.

His mom wanted to put him in disposable training pants to simplify cleanup. After three weeks of rinsing out poopy pants in the toilet, I agreed she was right.

Four months later he is still not ready to do #2 in the potty, although he is doing great with #1 (when prompted and bribed).

My dreams of quick success have faded, but surely he’ll be ready by kindergarten.

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