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Toilet Training Without Tantrums-Review By Nikki Bond

Published September 7, 2019 in Potty Training - 0 Comments
Toilet Training Without Tantrums by John Rosemond

Toilet Training Without Tantrums by John RosemondShould Grandparents Care About Toilet Training?

Grandparents get involved in toilet trainingMany of you reading this are grandparents. Do you need to know about toilet training? Yes, especially if you are the main caregiver after Mom and Dad. You will be on the front lines of training and need all the help you can get. But even if you only babysit occasionally, your support in the process is important. So, read on to find out why John Rosemond offers the most helpful advice.

I love Toilet Training Without Tantrums by John Rosemond and I believe you will love it too. There are several links in this article to the book’s sales page. I am an Amazon Associate and will receive a commission if you buy the book. Note: Using the affiliate link adds no additional cost. The book price will remain unchanged.

What I Love About This Book

What I love about Toilet Training Without Tantrums

1. It Gives Me Hope

The first thing I love about John Rosemond’s how-to book is, it gives me hope. I had been attempting to potty train my three-year-old grandson for five months before I read his book. My grandson succeeded in peeing like a big boy, but he was making no progress in pooping in the proper place. A quick glimpse at Rosemond’s book showed me that he believed 18-24 month olds could be completely toilet trained, so I knew there was hope for my three year old.

2. Rosemond Outlines History of Toilet Training

I also love that Rosemond gives a history of toilet training. He quotes 1950’s research that says 80 percent of children were potty trained by twenty-four months. That statistic shocked me. Before discovering Rosemond’s book, I combed the internet searching for advice on how to convert my diaper-pooping grandson to a commode pooper. Most articles I read suggested that parents should not be concerned about untrained children as old as 5. Not wishing to rinse out soiled pants for the remainder of my senior years, I was, nevertheless, concerned.

3. He Named His Method N75

Another thing I love is that N75 is the name of his method for toilet training two year olds. It’s a simple name and it is catchy. The method itself is simplistic, even though it requires diligence on the parent’s part. You will laugh when you read what N75 stands for. No need for a spoiler alert. I’ll let you discover it for yourself.

4. He Doesn’t Leave Out Parents of Older Children

I especially love that Rosemond offers advice for the parents of older children (3+) who are not yet bathroom educated. He outlines multiple methods of getting the attention of a kid who is advancing in many developmental areas, but insists on continuing in diapers.

5. Real Parents Share Their Success Stories

Last of all, I love that Toilet Training Without Tantrums abounds with success stories from real parents. From mothers who have trained 18-month-olds to fathers who had despaired of teaching their four year olds, each parent has a tale of hope.

As much as I love this book, there are a few items that frustrated me.

What I Don’t Like About This Book

What I don't like about Toilet Training Without Tantrums

1. He Doesn’t Clearly State N75 is Only for Young Children

The main thing I don’t like about Rosemond’s book is that he doesn’t make it clear that N75 only works within a certain age window. He does repeat often that 18-24 months is the optimum time for toilet training. What he did not explicitly say is that if your child has reached three years old without being trained, you need to start with Chapter 5 Toilet-Training Rehab With An Older Child. I was enthralled with the charm of N75 and anxiously tried it on my three-year-old grandson. The method did help in reinforcing the peeing in the potty that he had already learned. It didn’t, however, help at all in remedying my grandson’s stool refusal. I could have saved myself time and effort if I had started with the rehab chapter.

2. Methods Lack Details

The other item I don’t like is that Rosemond can be sketchy in describing his methods. I often found myself asking: Where is the child supposed to be at this stage? How long do I continue this tactic? Rosemond does point out that all of his methods are based on common sense and it does not take rocket science to figure it out. I guess I am just a perfectionist, but I prefer instructions to be explicit.

Who I Recommend Read This Book

Who should read Toilet Training Without Tantrums

I recommend Toilet Training Without Tantrums to anyone who has even partial responsibility for potty training a child. Of course, the most effective trainer is the person who spends 24/7 with the child, but few of us have the luxury (or the agony?) to do that. I spend about 10 hours per day on weekdays with my grandson and that was an adequate time to influence his habits. His parents picked up the ball on the weekends, so that was helpful.

Parents of older children in need of potty training need this book. Rosemond has plenty of encouragement for parents of older children. He describes multiple cases of kids highly resistant to training who were turned around within a day to a few weeks.

Who Is John Rosemond?

John Rosemond, author of Toilet Training Without Tantrums

John Rosemond is a family psychologist who has both directed mental health programs and been in full-time private practice working with families and children. Since 1990, he has devoted his time to speaking and writing. John’s weekly syndicated parenting column appears in some 200 newspapers nationwide. Along the way, he’s also managed to write seventeen bestselling books on parenting and the family. As if that wasn’t enough, he is one of the busiest and most popular speakers in his field, giving over 200 talks a year to parent and professional groups nationwide. He and his wife of over 40 years, Willie, have two grown children and seven well-behaved grandchildren. (Bio is from Amazon author page.) Find more info at


Our Happy Ending

Grandmother and grandson celebrate successful toilet training

Practicing John Rosemond’s training methods has not magically made my grandson accident free. I will say, however, that using his rehab techniques initiated a breakthrough. My three year old went from never doing his messy business in the potty to frequently making his deposits in the desired receptacle. Grammy is very proud. I am now looking for hobbies to fill up the time I am no longer spending swishing dirty pants in the toilet.

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