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Trouble With The Schedule – QWK Day 2

Published March 21, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 2 Comments
boy tells about paper craft

Day Two, I was having trouble with the schedule. I wanted to do it right for this quarantine with kids. Children need nutritious meals, engaging crafts, educational activities, story time, physical exercise, and family connections. So, we must do all of those activities every day, right? I was struggling to squeeze it all in.

I Must Schedule New Activities Each Day

Drawing from advice and resources I found on social media, I decided to have three new activities each day. I would include a craft, a learning opportunity, and physical exercise. The night before, I planned the unique activities. The next day, I just had to work them into our schedule.

Day Starts Great

Boy does paper craftsMy 3 yo grandson came alone on day two. His older brother was staying home to do chores. (Since when are video games chores?) Anyway, we usually start the day with stories and cuddling, but 3 yo was anxious for a craft.

I set out white paper, construction paper, scissors, and glue. While I sipped my coffee, he went straight to work and created a three dimensional kite picture for Pa Paw. Then he glued colored paper scraps to make a picture for me. After that he started on a painting for his aunt.

I felt so guilty. This child was obviously craft project deprived! Note to future self: make sure this boy always has craft supplies available.

Stories Read By Celebrities

Since my young charge didn’t have time to look at books with Grammy, I tried something different. Facebook has been flooded with links to celebrities reading stories. The 3 yo loves to watch videos, so I decided to give that a try.

First we watched a story read by a our former preacher, Woody Woodrow Reads What Does the Fox Say? Next we watched Betty White read Harry the Dirty Dog.

But by far the best story reader was Josh Gad (voice of Olaf the Snowman from the Frozen movies).

We watched Josh perform Olivia Goes to Venice.

I say perform because that’s what he does. He gave every character a unique voice and he added his own commentary. Josh mesmerized us! He will be reading a story live on Twitter at 7:30 pm each night of the quarantine. We will be replaying them every morning!

Virtual Face-to-Face With Family

Boy FaceTimes with cousinsNext on the day’s schedule, connecting with family. The day before, I reached out to family members to find out if they could do video calls. They responded yes, so I knew we were ready. First we used FaceTime to call our two girl cousins, six years old and thirteen years old.

The 3 yo was anxious to show off his craft creations of the morning. His 6 yo cousin reciprocated with her more sophisticated fold out drawings. (They reminded me of the old Mad Magazine’s feature picture that looked like one thing, but when folded looked like something completely different.) Extra points to the 6 yo for creativity!

After that, 3 yo and I used Google Duo (search for the free app on your phone) to call my sister. He showed her the painting he made just for her. Then she and I chatted about grocery lines and social isolation.

Seeing family members face-to-face was the highlight of our day! Even if we had to do it over the phone. We’ll be repeating this activity also.

When’s Breakfast? 1st Trouble With The Schedule

How did it get to be almost 10 o’clock? We hadn’t even had breakfast and I had planned lunch for noon. We could eat again in an hour. A later lunch meant that nap time would be pushed back later than the scheduled 1 o’clock.

We finally sat down for breakfast at 10:30 am. Not so bad, we could eat lunch at 1:00 and not be too far off in our schedule.

No Bread for Lunch! 2nd Trouble With The Schedule

Bread choicesAfter breakfast, we walked the neighborhood for our daily exercise. It had the added benefit of working up our appetites for lunch.

I returned home to set out chicken salad for the midday meal and realized we had no bread. No worries. A quick run to the grocery store and we’d be back on track.

Not so simple. I’d been to the store a few days before. They had shortages, but mainly in hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Today was different. The only thing I wanted was sandwich bread. They had none.

Previous shoppers emptied the shelves of wheat and white bread. Only specialty breads remained. I texted Pa Paw his lunch choices: croissants or cinnamon bread. He chose cinnamon.

Of course I grabbed a couple of other items, just in case: milk, eggs, grapes, blackberries (on sale!), and bottled water. I don’t understand why the shelves are so empty. Can’t people just get what they need?

So, after waiting in a long line to pay for my bread, etc. it was two o’clock before we had lunch. I finally got the 3 yo down for his nap at 2:30. Dad came to pick him up at 4:30. My final trouble with the schedule was that I couldn’t fit everything in.

Takeaway From Day 2

So, what did I learn from my busy day? I had a lot of activities planned, but somehow time got away from me. If tomorrow is going to be better, I must change some things. Here’s what I decided to skip next time and also what I decided to keep.

Skip These Items

  • Hour and a half coffee break in the morning
  • Last minute decisions about meals
  • Activities for the afternoon – once nap time is over, so is the day

Keep These Items

  • Stories read by Josh Gad
  • Constant craft supplies
  • FaceTime with extended family

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