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Will Mom Let Her Daughter’s Pet Die?

Published January 16, 2020 in Books - 0 Comments

Story from “Mom, The Hamster’s Dead, Can We Get a Dog?”

My daughter, Carrie brought home a caterpillar and put it in a jar.

I didn’t want its death on my conscience, but hoping she would learn from it. I let her keep it.

The next morning it looked dead. She said, “He’s only sleeping.” She was right. First death crisis averted.

Later we found him floating and fished him out. He revived on a napkin and started crawling. Second death crisis averted.

Soon the insect crawled up on a stick and didn’t move for three days.

The next day we found a cocoon in the jar. Third death crisis avoided.

After two long weeks we discovered a moth flying around. Fourth death crisis avoided.

My daughter took the moth to school to show her friends.

We went outside to release the moth.

The moth flew to the top of the school. A bird swooped in and ate it in one chomp.

Carrie looked at me as if I had killed one of her friends.

Not every death crisis can be avoided.

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