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Work Like An Ant – QWK Week 4

Published April 14, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 0 Comments
Boys work like an ant on science experiment

“Work like an ant. It has no commander, but gathers its food at harvest,” Pa Paw read from Proverbs 6 to Grammy, the 15 year old, and the 4 year old. “This means that when you know what to do, you should do it without being told, just like the ant.”

In week four of quarantine with kids, the 3 yo became a 4 yo. He learned how to work like an ant, while Grammy required extra lessons.

The 4 Year Old Worked Like An Ant

when boy turns four he learns to work like an antAuntie sent a kite for little brother’s birthday. On Monday we attempted to fly it. Grammy showed 4 yo how to run with the kite to get it up into the air. The kite went up, he smiled. The kite went down, he threw himself on the ground and wailed.

Over and over we ran across the backyard. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. I was getting my 10,000 steps in everyday before noon. Grammy flew the kite high in the air and handed it to 4 yo. He slackened on the string and the kite crashed. More tears.

Finally, without being told, he understood the need to keep trying. By Wednesday, when the kite sank down instead of flopping, he ran faster. He ran and flew the kite until Grammy begged, “Let’s stop. I’m exhausted.”


The 4 Year Old Played Like An Ant

After straining to fly the kite, it was time for some fun projects. We grabbed acrylic paint, a brush, a clothespin, construction paper, glue, pipe cleaners, a marker, and some googly eyes. Little brother painted and glued until he created a clothespin alligator.

For written instructions, see the Michael’s craft website page: Michael’s 100 Fun Projects

Next, we took time to do a science experiment. Let’s shine up some dirty pennies. Which cleaner will work better dish washing liquid or vinegar?

The Shiny Pennies experiment is described in: 14 Science Experiments for Kids

To see another science experiment we did, look for the Dancing Raisins video in: Quarantine Activities – QWK Day 3

Can Grammy Work Like An Ant?

Meanwhile Grammy complained about the quarantine requirements. Monday, I had to go to the church building to print out financial reports. Our church, like so many other churches and businesses is assessing the impact of the quarantine on our budget. So, as financial secretary, I had to run reports.

work like an ant and wear your maskWhy do I have to do this? I live 15 miles from the church, it’s a 30 minute drive for me. Each way. Nevertheless, I went to the church, grumbling under my breath the whole way.

When I returned, the 4 yo was sleeping on the sofa. “He just fell asleep watching TV,” Pa Paw said. He slept for two hours and woke up ready for more activities.

On Tuesday, Pa Paw said, “The CDC recommends everyone wear masks when they go out in public. No one sells N95 masks anymore, can you make us some?” I’ve sewn clothes and other projects since I was ten years old, so of course I could make masks. But would I make masks?

A face covered by a mask hides a frightened, desperate person. I did not want to be such a person because I preferred to hide my face in the sand. Yet, I knew Pa Paw was right. I should do the right thing without being told.

So, I sewed two masks: one for my husband and one for me. Then on Saturday, I wore mine to the grocery store. Even though no one made me, it was the right thing to do.


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