Humorous Quick Reads About Families With Kids

Brotherly Love Wins Out – QWK Week 5

Published April 19, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 1 Comment
brotherly love as boys sit in park together

How can brotherly love grow when two boys are on different schedules at different places? Big brother attends high school all day. Little brother spends his day at Grammy’s house, the park, and preschool. Brothers Start Days Separated ~ But the quarantine changed all that. Closure of schools, parks, and restaurants forced them to converge […]

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Homeschool Challenge – QWK Week 2

Published March 31, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 3 Comments
Teen works on homeschool challenge at computer

The homeschool challenge threw a kink into our quarantine with kids schedule. Didn’t we have enough activities? Adding homeschool into the mix of crafts, story time, meal prep, and physical exercise was too much! Challenge to Find the Homeschool Assignments ~ This week the 15 year old began receiving assignments from his regular teachers. The […]

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Today Was a Lemon – QWK Day 4

Published March 26, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 0 Comments
Today was a lemon cake

Today was a lemon. I am determined to face this quarantine challenge (providing daycare for my grandsons, 3 years old and 15 years old) with fun and optimism. But today did not soar with eagles, it flopped on the dock like a hooked fish. The day began with a long line at the grocery store, […]

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Quarantine Activities – QWK Day 3

Published March 23, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 2 Comments
Quarantine Activities - Day 3

What are some quarantine activities we can do during Quarantine With Kids Day 3? We hopped from one learning opportunity to another as the day flew by. Yesterday I had trouble with the schedule and didn’t get everything done. Today I was determined that we would start early, rush around, and complete all of the […]

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Trouble With The Schedule – QWK Day 2

Published March 21, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 2 Comments
boy tells about paper craft

Day Two, I was having trouble with the schedule. I wanted to do it right for this quarantine with kids. Children need nutritious meals, engaging crafts, educational activities, story time, physical exercise, and family connections. So, we must do all of those activities every day, right? I was struggling to squeeze it all in. I […]

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Can a Quarantine With Kids Be Fun?

Published March 17, 2020 in Quarantine with Kids - 1 Comment
quarantine sign for COVID-19

Are you stuck at home in the Coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine with kids? No one needs to be notified of the corona virus. News outlets constantly display the world map with clumps (or blankets) of infected people. If that’s not enough, city and state press conferences proclaim the local “sick” statistics. Even social media, our source […]

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